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Put The Toilet Paper Back!

16 Apr 2017


My husband is the love of my life. I love him more than bacon. It's true. And I'm Southern, so my bacon game is real :) His name is Kenneth and he's the smartest, funniest man I've ever met. Truth be told, he's the best man I've ever met. When I started this entrepreneurial journey, I know he didn't understand it. But he supported me. Still, I would get so frustrated because he didn't have a passion for business -- specifically MY business. I later realized that my journey is mine to walk. Not alone. He's always there to help and support. But it is still my journey. 


Having been in business for over a year, we're finally starting to settle in. And it feels good. But I secretly have been wanting Kenneth to be on this journey with me. Wanting him to be restless with dreams and ideas. Wanting him to be pregnant with a new vision. Well..maybe not pregnant. But you know what I mean. 


A few months ago, he casually mentioned to me that he was thinking about starting a blog. Nothing else. Just "thinking about it" he liked the concept and nothing more. So I let it go. But then as several heavy events became national news headlines, he started talking about his blog more. His ideas. His opinions. Next thing I knew, my amazingly talented husband had purchased a domain and a template on WordPress. My mouth hit the ground. And its been a wild ride ever since. One that I'm really happy I don't have to walk alone. I think that's the worst thing a new business owner can do...isolate themselves and do this business thing alone. With no one to encourage, empower and motivate you when you need it. And trust me, you'll need it. 


To know that my husband is walking this blogging journey with me..hand in hand..makes me happy. Like, really happy. Before this season, we both worked our respective jobs and enjoyed life together. But today's a new day baby! Today, we are doing business together. Blogging together. Working together. Collaborating on projects together. You get the idea.


There's something to be said about finding the one you can pursue your dreams with. I know how hard it is to do it alone. Doing business and life alone are like going to Costco alone -- you end up buying a trough of toilet paper for $19.99...only to realize when you get home that you couldn't possibly keep all 80 roles of extra wide double ply because your apartment has zero storage. So what do you do? You text everyone you know and offer them free toilet paper if they'll come and pick it up immediately.


My advice to you? PUT THE TOILET PAPER BACK. You don't need it. You have no place to put it. At least not that much of it. Its a bad business decision...and so is walking through life and business alone.


I digress.


Business. Real business is not a solo venture. Its the anti-solo venture. No one should ever walk this business journey alone, so I'm giving you ... yes you ... an invitation to walk this journey with me. You don't have to. But if you're anything like me, you'll need someone to laugh at and probably cry with from time to time. It's a tough road we're choosing to travel. But I wouldn't have it any other way. So...what do you say? 




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