Add your company logo and a customized template to your calendar.  

There's no limit to what you can get creative!

Introducing Clear Calendars | EXECUTIVE COLLECTION


We have a number of corporate templates to choose from. However, our customized options are best for clients who want to create a more personalized template and maybe even add their logo to their design.

Get creative. The sky's the limit.



Offering corporate clients the functionality of a white board, but with a modern twist.


Clear Calendars offers templates that:

  • easy-to-use
  • customizable to fit clients' needs
  • make organizing fun and painless
  • are dry-erase and never need replacement


Executive Calendars come in 2 sizes: 4 x 6  or  4 x 8. 

Looking for a larger size? Let us help you customize to your needs.


*Calendar packages are complete with standoff hardware for mounting. Installation not included. Local delivery only.


**Customization prices vary. Limit: 2 revisions per calendar.


Customized Executive Calendar


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