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Thank you for visiting our site. Clear Calendars is a family-owned, family run company that strives to bring our customers products with the best quality and highest functionality. 


Don't you love that women entrepreneurs don't have to fit into one single, limiting category?

I do! We are multi-dimensional, multi-talented and undeniably limitless in what we can do.

This truth gave me the confidence I needed to continue the successes in my career while making the decision to build my own company. After taking time to dream about what kind of business I wanted to build and how I wanted my business to look, I moved forward with my idea of Clear Calendars.


Today, I'm blessed to live a life doing all the things that I love. I've learned to listen to that small, still voice. I've learned to take a chance and dream.

My shop is filled with calendar designs that have blessed my life at various times. I love creating designs that will help you organize your life. And I hope that you will love them too!


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